Marketing Benefits to Going Green

Paper-based packaging is the most environmentally-friendly and responsible option on the market currently. Paper packaging can be reused, recycled, or turned into a renewable energy resource while having far less of an impact on the environment than the alternatives. There are plenty of creative ways to go easy on the earth and differentiate your brand in the process. Companies everywhere are making great strides [ MORE » ]

Packaging Matters

Packaging is an essential part of the marketing process. It protects the product, it attracts consumers, provides information, and reinforces branding and logo. It’s the ideal surface for placing marketing messages that encourage purchase, information about what’s inside, slogans and highlighting the manufacturer’s name and logo. Packaging is “the silent salesman” in the retail marketing world. 70 percent of shoppers make a purchase decision [ MORE » ]

Quality is Not a Journey… It’s a Destination!

One meeting with a customer changed my perspective on Quality and should change your perspective as well. While meeting with a senior buyer, who was expressing himself on quality concerns, a young quality manager uttered a most often used cliché excuse; “Sir, quality is a journey.” With a mix of seriousness and a touch of humor, the senior-veteran buyer proceeded to school the young [ MORE » ]
Quality is Not a Journey… It’s a Destination!
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